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Type 2 Improved

At Level2, we help people as they work to improve their glucose beyond traditional type 2 diabetes care. Here’s how.

Niveles de A1C

When you know what you need,
it’s easier to know what to do.

See what your body is telling you, then work with us to take new action.


Yes, you can improve

tu tipo 2

start with

Fresh insights

When we get you started with a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), you get insight into how your body responds to glucose, and how your environment and choices can make an impact.

then take

Small Steps

We also give you personalized steps to improve your glucose — like what and when to eat along with simple activities to move your body and keep your glucose in a steady, healthy range.

con tu

equipo de atención de

Nunca estás solo. Un equipo de atención virtual de médicos, enfermeros especializados, enfermeros, asesores y nutricionistas registrados trabajan contigo y con tu proveedor actual para que te mantengas motivado y apoyado durante todo el proceso.

Conoce nuestro enfoque

And we are helping
thousands of others,
just like you.



She’s a Level2 member who never expected her life with type 2 diabetes would improve, until it did.


Ha reducido sus medicamentos de tres a uno, ha perdido más de 70 libras y ha bajado su A1C a menos de 6.0.


She’s lowered her A1C to less than 6.0, eliminated all her meds, lost 50 pounds and achieved type 2 remission as defined by the American Diabetes Association.

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