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Do type 2 differently.

Meet modern care.

Level2 members work to lower their average blood glucose with tools and expert support to improve (not just manage), type 2 diabetes.


Pareja de adultos tomados de la mano y caminando por un parque.

Discover ways to improve your glucose.

Get real-time CGM insights

Mira cómo tus acciones pueden afectar tu glucosa

Comparte tus datos con tu proveedor de salud


Continuous Glucose Monitor*

Get a constant pulse on your glucose.

See how eating, moving, sleeping and stress affect glucose levels in real time — at no cost to you.

*Requires compatible smartphone. There are other methods of participating in Level2 Specialty Care as clinically appropriate. Continuous Glucose Monitors prescribed by Level2 clinicians as clinically indicated have a $0 cost to the member.


Activity Tracker

Toma mejores decisiones sobre cuándo y cómo moverte.

Monitorea los pasos, el movimiento e incluso el sueño.


La aplicación Level2 Health

Construye hábitos saludables para tu vida.

Your go-to for one-on-one coaching, care team access, lessons, tips and more.

Care that has your back.

All members are assigned a virtual care team of type 2 diabetes experts, ready to help you as you work to improve your health.

You may only see your PCP a few times a year, but your Level2 care team is always around.

Your team may include physicians, nurse practitioners, registered dietitians, all with the same goal — to help you reach yours.

Small steps lead to big results.

Sam Bacon, Nels Thompson, David Ferrell, Jason Fung; 943-P: Improved Glycemic Outcomes after One Year among Level 2 Members. Diabetes 20 June 2023; 72 (Supplement_1): 943–P.


Members find new freedom with Level2.

Aprende hábitos para una mejor salud metabólica de por vida

Gain control and confidence

Siéntete mejor y con más energía

Work with us to improve your type 2

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